Studio Rakhi M is a growing Interior and architectural design firm. We strive to design spaces that generates a sense of pride in the people who use them awing to the level of attention paid to all details.

Each of our designs speaks about our client’s individuality. We aim towards creating spaces that appeal to senses as well as to intellect and which automatically generates a social significance and pride. We try n rise time to time from the constraint of design program and budget to create memorable spaces.

We believe its discipline of processed post design stage and we follow that all through the delivery. The Studio maintains the freshness of the designs through deeper involvement of the founder who comes who has great reserves of knowledge and experience developed over more than a decade. Our clients, consultants and vendors are our most esteemed partners helping us deliver the best every time.

Long term relationships with all our clients and business partners is one of our core beliefs. We aim towards happy clients.


Rakhi has a bachelor of architecture degree from Sir JJ college of Architecture. After having worked in a leadership position with a well known practices, she decided to start with her own Design Studio. She has delivered many successful and well known projects all through her career. The founder comes with an inherent interest in varied new materials, craft and technology and is also a person who derives personal satisfaction by getting into design details of any project, this quality automatically results into spaces which are a lot more refined in terms of proportions, compositions and emotional recollect. The experience of more than a decade helps in having huge amount of familiarity to the markets and products which helps to create innovative designs.